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About Us

Henry & Kaitlyn Agassi Foundation (HKAF) is a nongovernmental organization (NGO), committed to providing quality and affordable education to vulnerable children in Nigeria; whilst empowering marginalized communities with tangible entrepreneurial skills needed to live a fulfilled live.
Our goal is to reverse the number of out-of-school children in Nigeria by sponsoring vulnerable children in private schools so that they can acquire quality education that will open doors of opportunities for them to prosper.
At our skill Center in Lafia, children are trained in computer programing, coding, and web design, as part of our effort to prepare them to thrive in this everchanging world of technology filled with competition. We know the challenges faced by many people in marginalized communities, especially in the area of unemployment, we support them in developing employability skills that will help them find employment or to self-employ.
We are working to ensure each year, over 50 marginalized children and their families have access to quality education and relevant employable entrepreneurial skill that will provide them with new hope and opportunities

Providing New Hope

Our Mission

Our Mission

Provide quality, affordable education, and digital skills to vulnerable children. Skill acquisition for marginalized communities.

Our Vision

A sustainable world where every child has access to quality and affordable education.

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