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Get Involved

1. Sponsor a Child

When you sponsor a child in school two things will happen. first, you changed the child’s life forever. Second, you change your own life for the better.
With just $100 (USD) you can sponsor a child in a private school for one term. With $300 you can sponsor a child for one whole year in school. And with $1800 you can give that child a full quality primary education (from Primary 1-6). 

 Donation towards sponsoring a child today.

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2. Volunteer

Our Foundation run 100% on volunteers. There are various volunteering opportunities for you to contribute to your communities using your skills and expertise. Send in your application by contacting us directly through the website or by email. Please include your skills, experience and your area of interest. However,  be aware, some positions have long commitment periods and schedules, while some has no continuous commitment.
Benefits of volunteering at our Foundation

(1) You are making a difference is people’s lives and making dreams come true

(2) You are making it possible for us to be able to give back to our community

(3) You will make new meaning friends that will lead to new opportunities for you

(4) You will develop new skills and hobbies

(5) You will discover new things about yourself and your passions

(6) You will develop your skills in a way that will help you get better pay/job

(7) You will develop a long-lasting relationship with our Foundation for better future opportunities.

Current opportunities:

(1) Editing HKAF Wikipedia Page

(2) Teaching chess at the Skill Centre

(3) Teaching scrabble and other board games at the Skill Centre

(4) Updating social media pages

(5) Taking pictures/video for social media and the website

(6) Teaching basic computer skills at the Skill Centre

(7) Teaching web design at the Skill Centre

(8) Teaching coding at the Skill Centre

(9) Teaching at the Adult Vocational Training Program

(10) Cooking for the Skill Centre

(11) Packing/Delivering supplies to schools

3. Partner With Us

Our foundation is open for partnership with like minded individuals, groups or organizations seeking different avenues to impact lives.
Please, contact us directly for discussion or submit your application and we’ll get back to you.

4. Be Our Ambassador

Be our voice in the community. Be the voice of change.

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:


Local Naira Transfer

Bank: Access Bank PLC

Account Number: 1792971022

Name: Henry & Kaitlyn Agassi Foundation


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Donation of Goods

If you are interested in donating physical goods please give us a call to discuss next steps. 

Phone: +1 647-494-1080 (Canada)

 +234 703-215-9980 (Nigeria)

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