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Private School Sponsorship Program

1 in 5 out of school children on this planet is in Nigeria. There are many factors that led to this alarming number, and one of those factors according to research is cost related. Parents are not able to afford their children's school fees and or school materials. Nigeria may boast of having free primary and secondary education but other school related cost such as book purchases, exam fees, etc. makes it so difficult for some children to continue with school or enroll in one. Insecurity is another factor that have created a greater number of out of school children in Nigeria, especially in the northern part of the country where students’ abduction has become a trend. Some parents are afraid of sending their children to school. This is mostly common in government/public schools where there is little to no security personnel to protect the schools and the students. And even where it is safe for these students to be in school, the (public) schools lack the basic infrastructure and amenities to function properly as educational institution where students can acquire quality education. And where infrastructures and amenities exist, well-educated and qualified teachers with the passion for teaching will not exist. These conditions have adversely impacted young people and the quality of education in Nigeria.


The HKAF Private School Sponsorship Program is created to bridge this gap, by sponsoring out of school children to private schools; where they can feel safe, acquire quality education and become positive contributing members of the society
HKAF believe no child deserves to be out of school or compromise the quality of their education irrespective of financial situation. Our sponsorship program covers tuition fees, books, transportation, and lunch cost.
The sponsorship beneficiaries are identified by the foundation in partnership with some community leaders and advocates. They are identified based on their family situation and their desire to acquire education.
Beneficiaries and their family must be willing to commit to finish the program which will start from either Primary 1 to 6 (Grade 1 to 6) or from JSS 1 to SS3 (Secondary School). They must be willing to learn and acquire an education.
Our program is nondiscriminatory. We accept students from any gender, religion, or cultural background.

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