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Skills for Change Program 
at HKAF Skill Centre

Unemployment is a pandemic in Nigeria. Graduates in marginalized communities cannot find any job suited to their degree. And since many of them have no vocational skills to fall back on, it makes it almost impossible for them to survive. Vocational training for long has been stigmatized to let people believe that it is only for those who have failed in school or couldn’t go
to school. So, our goal is to change this narrative by helping this group see the opportunities involved in acquiring this training

This is a 3-month program that focuses on teaching marginalized groups who are interested in hands on entrepreneurial and technical training needed for more employment opportunities or income generation. This may include skills like hair styling, tailoring, baking, agriculture etc.


In the first month we’ll focus on academic training where they will learn the importance of vocational skills and unlearn the stigma related to the skills. They will also learn how to use these skills to make money or start a business. Then two months of rigorous practical training and placement. Some programs may run longer depending on skill level and development.

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