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Our recent effort to reduce the number of "Out of School Children in Nigeria"

It is our organization’s effort to reduce the number of out of school children in Nigeria. And one of the ways we do this is by sponsoring vulnerable children in poor and rural communities to private schools where they can acquire quality education. Fully aware that we cannot sponsor every child in private school due to costs, we have now devised another means of helping the children that are not able to make it into private schools by distributing educational materials such as exercise books, pen and pencils, and story books in public schools and communities to help encourage them to stay in school and to help them see beyond their current reality.

We are doing this because of our desire to make impacts but also because of the cries we have gotten from some parents and teachers in those communities for lacking these materials.

Thus our plan is to termly pick some schools in some of these communities and help them with some necessary educational material needed to continue schooling.

In the second week of May 2023, we kick started this program in two schools in Obi local government area of Nasarawa State and one community occupied by internally Displaced Persons in Katura Karu Local government area of Nasarawa State.

According to a vice principal of one of these schools, lack of education material is one of the reasons why these children drop out of school. “Some of these children simply do not come to school because they do not have exercise books and or pen to write, and when we asked the parents, they said they don’t have the money to buy the material for them”

This was very evident as when we visited the school, some students/pupils were there without a book or pen and pencil while a lot were absent. There was nothing like a story book for them to expand their minds. In one of the schools, the vice principal who spoke to us told us they normally have about 200 students/pupils but this year has been different, more than 80% have not resumed school.

The school management were very happy with our donations as they believe that the donation will encourage more students to come to school since they now have writing materials. And said for the students that were absent during our visit, when the news gets to them, it will bring some of them back to school with the hope of getting their own gifts and the fear of missing out.

In totality, our organization donated 100 exercise books, 100 pens, 50 pencils and 130 story books between the two schools and the Internally Displaced Persons’ (IDP) camp in Nasarawa State Nigeria.

Our goal is to use this project as a means to positively impact more children beyond our private school sponsorship program. To help reduce the number of out of school children but most importantly help them build a future that is better than their present.

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