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The development of our Skill Centre.

Our plans is to develop a centre in Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria by September 2023. It will be called the HKAF Skill Centre.

The HKAF Skill Centre is a hub for social innovation and learning. Our goal is to make the centre a place where love and learning will go hand in hand. Not only that, but a place where great ideas will be birth and developed by children and adults alike.

Most of our social gathering, digital training, education development, and skill training takes place at the centre. Check out our, What We Do page, to read more information about each program offered.

The HKAF Skill Centre will completely run through donations and volunteers to handle all programs. There will be essential staff such as security and cleaners to keep the centre safe and clean. Volunteers will be given monthly transportation allowance and will be provided with great references and skill training as well. Please get in touch with through, if you are interested in volunteering or helping at the Skill Centre. Please use the donate buttons on our website to donate towards HKAF Skill Centre.

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